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Article 1: Information 
This document constitutes the information conveyed to the customer prior to his/her commitment. Modifications may however be made to the services offered.The customer will be informed of these modifications before his/her definitive commitment. The Les Orres Central Reservations Office acts as a Representative of the owners, accommodation vendors or providers of other services included in holiday packages (for example: ski lift passes, visits, summer services, etc). 

Article 2: Deposit/administration fees. 
The booking will be considered firm as soon as a deposit equivalent to 30% of the total cost of the stay is paid. The fees are 3% of the total contract. In case of double booking on the internet a same apartment can be offered to the customer. If the proposal does not suit his/her, the Central Reservations Office agrees to cancel the payment made online.

Article 3: Payment of the balance. 
The customer must pay the balance of the holiday to the Central Reservations Office, 30 days before the beginning of the holiday. Any customer who has not paid the balance by the agreed date is considered as having cancelled his/her holiday. Consequently the service will once again be offered for sale.

Article 4: Last minute registration. 
If the customer registers less than 30 days before the beginning of the stay, payment in full is required at the time of booking. 

5.1- As soon as the deposit is paid, the booking is firm and definitive. The withdrawal period of 7 days mentioned in Article L212-20 of the Consumer Code does not apply to contracts with the central reservation office as mentioned in Article L121-20-4 which excludes "contracts relating to : service delivery, accommodation, transport, catering, entertainment to be provided at a time or at intervals determined. In the event of cancellation, penalties will be borne by the customer in the following conditions: 
- If the holiday is cancelled before 90 days before departure: deposit returned 
- From 89 to 30 days before departure: 30% of the total amount 
- From 29 to 15 days before departure: 50% of the total amount 
- From 14 to 7 days before departure: 75% of the total amount 
- From 6 days before departure to No show: 
100% of the total amount No partial refund will be made if the whole of the holiday is not used. The customer has the option of taking out a cancellation insurance at the time of booking if the reservation is more than 8 days before his/her arrival. This insurance will enable the customer to cover the cost of cancellation (illness, accident, etc). To do so, the customer must refer to the general terms and conditions of the cancellation insurance which will be sent on request or which can be viewed online. If a cancellation insurance policy is taken out, the customer must inform the CENTRAL RESERVATIONS OFFICE by the quickest means possible (fax, email, telegram) as soon as the event covered by the insurance and preventing the departure occurs, or at the latest within 48 hours of the customer becoming aware of the event. 

5.2-Cancellations and modifications by the CENTRAL RESERVATIONS OFFICE 
5.2.1-Outright cancellations If before departure, the LES ORRES CENTRAL RESERVATIONS OFFICE is forced to cancel the holiday selected by the customer outright, the customer will be offered, wherever possible, the equivalent services of a comparable price. The customer will be informed of the offer of the new holiday by letter, fax or email as soon as possible after the occurrence of the events causing the cancellation. If the customer does not choose to take up the substitute holiday, within SEVEN (7) days of the notification of the new offer by the CENTRAL RESERVATIONS OFFICE, he/she will receive in this case the immediate and full refund of any amounts paid. 

5.2.2- Modification of the services after the beginning of the holiday. In the event where, after the beginning of the stay, the CENTRAL RESER. In the event where, after the beginning of the stay, the CENTRAL RESERVATIONS OFFICE should be unable to perform one or more essential elements of the contract, it undertakes to do its utmost to offer the customer services to replace the intended services and to bear the total extra cost of these new services. The accommodation is the responsibility of the lessor who must find a replacement solution him/herself. The customer may only refuse the substitute services offered to him/her in the above conditions for valid reasons.

5.2.3-The arrival times are stipulated on the exchange vouchers. It is the responsibility of the customer to warn the lessor of any delay and to provide him/herself with all the information necessary for his/her late arrival. If the lessor is not informed of the delay, the apartment may be made available for hire as from the following day. 

Article 6: Curtailment of the holiday. 
In the event of the curtailment of the holiday by the customer, the Central Reservations Office shall give no refund. 

Article 7: Insurance. 
The customer is responsible for any damage he/she causes. He/she is invited to check if he/she is covered through his/her personal insurance by a holiday insurance. Otherwise, he/she is strongly recommended to take out such insurance. The Central Reservations Office is covered by professional liability insurance. 

Article 8: accommodation capacity. 
The contract is established for a maximum accommodation capacity. If the number of participants exceeds the capacity specified in the contract, the contracting party may refuse these additional people. The price of the rental remains due to the Central Reservations Office, but the contract can be considered to be broken through the fault of the customer. 

Article 9: revision of prices. 
The price is established according to a specific number of people. If there are fewer participants than anticipated in the contract, the price remains the same except for an upward revision with regard to the standing charges borne by the Central Reservations Office. If there are more participants than anticipated in the contract, the price is revised upwards to take into account the resulting increases in the standing and variable charges. 

Article 10: deposit. 
A deposit which may vary from €230 to €1500 will be requested on your arrival for rented properties. It will be returned after the condition and cleanliness of the premises have been checked, after deduction of the cost of repairs or cleaning if the premises have been left in an unacceptable condition at the discretion of the lessor. In any event, the agency reserves the right to carry out the exit formalities after the departure of the lessee. The owner or the agency is responsible for ensuring that the apartment provided is in good working order. He/she undertakes to ensure that the customer is provided with a property in perfect working order and state of cleanliness. The customer undertakes to return the rental property in the same working order and state of cleanliness in which he/she found it on arrival and to respect the co-ownership rules of the building in which the property is located. In the event of a lost key, a fixed sum will be deducted from your deposit. The lessor disclaims all liability in the event of any loss or theft of personal belongings during the rental period, in the apartment, ski lock-up, garage or common rooms. 

Article 12 The prices include only the services specified in the reservation. 
Bedding and towels are not provided in the properties unless otherwise stipulated in the description. The current tourist tax is to be paid on site to the lessor as well as all additional services. 

Article 13: animals. 
Small animals are admitted most of the time with an additional charge unless the description states that animals are prohibited 

Article 14: Claims
Any claim relating to a complete or partial failure to fulfill the contract must be sent to the Central Reservations Office as soon as possible by recorded delivery mail with acknowledgement of receipt. The Central Reservations Office is the representative of the lessor. Consequently, it is the latter who assumes the responsibility of the quality of the accommodation. Claims of a commercial nature, relating to the quality of the services or involving the general or civil liability insurance of the CENTRAL RESERVATIONS OFFICE will only be taken into consideration if they have been declared to the CENTRAL RESERVATIONS OFFICE at the latest on the last day of the holiday and must be sent by RECORDED DELIVERY MAIL WITH ACKNOWLEDGEMENT OF RECEIPT at the latest 15 days after the date of the holiday to: CENTRALE DE RESERVATION OFFICE DE TOURISME 05200 LES ORRES

In accordance with law no. 78-17 of 6th January relating to data protection, data files and civil liberties, the customer has the right to access and rectify any personal data relating to him/her which the CENTRAL RESERVATIONS CENTRE may process in the framework of its activities. Moreover, the CENTRAL RESERVATIONS CENTRE may offer products to the customer in partnership with other companies, unless otherwise stipulated by the customer in writing to: Centrale de reservation des Orres – 05200 Les Orres. 

Article 16: Disputes.
It is expressly agreed that any dispute will fall within the jurisdiction of the Court of Gap The terms and conditions of the activities relating to the organisation and the sale of trips and holidays are determined by law no. 92-645 of 13th July 1992 and its implementation decree no. 94-490 of 15th June 1994. The holidays on offer are sold by the central reservations office of SEMLORE named CENTRALE DE RESERVATION DES ORRES, a local tourist organisation and holder of prefectural authorisation no. A.U 005.98.0001 and registered in the register of operators of travel and subsistence under number IM005110009 guaranteed by the professional association for solidarity in tourism (A.P.S.) covered by Professional Liability Insurance by AXA France - Avenue du 11 Novembre - 05500 St Bonnet en Champsaur– policy no. 6778243804 which covers liability in accordance with the terms of law no. 92-645 of 13th July 1992 and the application decree cited above. 

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